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Dos &Don'ts

Dos & Don’ts

  • Not allowed to smoke in public area
  • Not to make too much noise in Public areas, Temples, Dzongs (fortress), Hotels and restaurants.
  • Bargaining more than once is not appreciated
  • Not to leave room keys, or self-belonging at vehicles which right get lost.
  • Please follow the timing given your guide strictly, so as to complete the sightseeing and others activities smoothly.
  • Finger pointing idols, alters, monks, or any person is not treated wise, pointing with four finger’s is treated kind.
  • Services standard in Bhutan is not that high, so please don’t expect like in others countries must be flexible in remote town.

Dress Code while visiting Temple/fortress

  • Colored shirt
  • Shoes all types are allowed but not slipper
  • Half & Quarter pants not allowed
  • If not a traditional dress must be full slave
  • No covering of head/Caps unless a must
  • No caps inside the Temple/Fortress
  • No sun glasses inside the alters
  • No photography inside the alters